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Music History Glossary

Sharon L Gilbreath

Music History Glossary II

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1.An oratorio based on a Gospel narrative of the suffering of Jesus Christ.
4.Popular during the Renaissance era, this stringed instrument had a neck and a deep, round back.
9.A dance form that became popular during the Baroque period.
10.Describes music that features a melody with some accompaniment.
12.Certain prayers said in the early church (an some churches today) that are standardized and said in a certain order.
15.Upper-class or wealthy people
17.A musical composition written down.
19.A historical time period also known as the Medieval period and the music we are aware of during this time period was mostly chants sung in churches..
20.Of, relating to, or typical of the middle class.
21.A dramatic composition in which all dialogue is sung, accompanied by an orchestra.
25.Mass for a deceased person and/or a musical composition for such a Mass.
27.A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards or behavior.
29.This era dropped the ornamentation of the Baroque era and presented melodies in a cleaner fashion.
30.Singers who performed the works of troubadours in the courts.
31.A musical form that takes a tune and repeats it--a lot.
32.A short oratorio, written to fit within a church service.
33.Written for an instrument soloist typically with 3 movements that are fast-slow-fast.
1.Music in which one hears more than one musical line.
2.Songs written during the Renaissance for several voices to sing at the same time and were always secular and usually about love.
3.A group of musical works or songs that were written to go together.
5.An early version of today's piano.
6.Another note that is played at the same time as the main note, melody which is usually pleasing to the ear.
7.Someone who gives money to a composer so he can play.music or pays a composer to write music for them.
8.Early written music; sung in church during the Middle Ages. Also known as Gregorian Chant.
11.A keyboard instrument that makes noise by pushing air through pipes.
13.A historic period characterized by ornamental art, architecture, and music.
14.Musical director for a monarch, nobleman, or church.
16.A musical work similar to an opera, but about biblical stories and unstaged: no scenery, actors, or costumes.
18.A form of government in which a monarch (king or queen) is the head of state.
22.German for "songs".
23.A period of revival that marked great change in music, bringing it from a simple, ancient sound to the classical sounds we are familiar with today.
24.The French word for "study".
26.Secular songs that were
28.Musical work written for a solo instrument, that usually consists of three movements.

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