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Periodic Table Vocabulary

Andrew Taylor

2 3 4                        
5               6                  
9 10             11
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4.Letters that are used for numbers on the periodic table (2 Words)
5.Elements in groups 3-12 (2 Words)
7.Measure of the size of an atom (2 Words)
8.Elements that like to give away electrons
9.An ion with a positive charge
12.Electrons that participate in the bonding process (2 Words)
13.The energy required to remove an electron (2 Words)
15.Tendency to attract electrons
17.Property of being easily manipulated into another shape
18.An atom's energy levels are broken down into
19.Property of easily being hammered flat without breaking
1.The number of energy levels an atom has (3 Words)
2.Horizontal row on the PERIODic table
3.A material that allows energy to flow
6.Contains two electrons that spin in opposite directions
10.An ion with a negative charge
11.Elements that don't have metallic properties
14.Elements with properties of metals and non metals
16.Vertical row on the periodic table

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