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Chapter 4

Jacob Keith

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1.Original loan amount.
4.Varies with the nature of the loan and the creditworthiness of individual borrowers.
8.The uncertainty about what interest rate to charge when a loan is made.
11.Marketability of loans and investments will affect the size of the premium that must be earned.
13.Incurred in many types of real estate financing. Costs that affect the cost of borrowing are additional finance charges levied by the lender.
17.Minimum rate of interest that must be earned by savers to to induce them to divert the use of funds from present to future consumption.
19.The ratio of the payments to the loan amount.
20.Constitutes a major component of interest rate risk to all lenders.
21.The loan amount is taken down as irregular periodic payments until such payments and accrued interest reach the agreed upon loan amount.
22.Equivalent to an annual rate of interest compounded annually.
23.Intended to cover expenses incurred by the lender for processing adn underwriting loan applications, preparation of loan documentation and amortization schedules ETC.
24.Payments will exceed accrued interest by an amount sufficient to pay the accrued interest due each month and fully repay the loan by maturity date.
25.Payments are determined first by computing a constant amount of each monthly payment to be applied to principal or monthly amortization.
2.Identifies the amount borrowed and what the borrower is legally required to repay.
3.Over sized payment due at the end of a loan.
5.Established by what borrowers are willing to pay for the use of funds and what lenders are willing to accept for compensation for the use of funds.
6.Demand for mortgage loans.
7.What occurs when the loan will be repaid when the interest rates fall below the loan contract rate.
9.Sometimes called Zero Amortizing Loan. The pay rate will equal the accrual rate.
10.Partially determined by the real interest rate plus a premium for the expected rate of inflation.
12.Usually described as the process of adjusting loan terms to calibrate loan payments, to achieve desired results.
13.The date by which the loan must be fully repaid.
14.The process of a loan repayment over time.
15.The loan will only be partially repaid at maturity date.
16.Pay rate will be less than the accrual rate.
18.Changes in the regulatory environment in which markets operate.

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