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Medieval Saints


A selection of popular medieval saints.

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1.founded Iona, Kells, Derry and Swords
2.patron saint of masons, miners and explosives workers
7.feast day is March 17
10.a raven brought him bread (3 Words)
12.famous Irish saint in Christianity and Celtic wicca (3 Words)
14.penanced to death by ruthless confessor (3 Words)
17.secret gift giver
19.writer of fanatical sermans; patron saint of advertising (3 Words)
20.aka the Venerable
21.founded monastery of Ardmore
22.Duke of Bohemia
25.Order of Friars Preachers
26.Frankish missionary to the Saxons (Germany)
28.famously slayed a dragon
30.warrior girl (3 Words)
32.tortured with wool combs
33.renounced medicine for faith healing
34.Canterbury archbishop who ticked off Henry II (2 Words)
35.patron saint of Corfu and potters
36.reputed to have tweaked the Devil's nose with his tongs
1.patron saint of difficult marriages (3 Words)
3.grandma of Jesus
4.patron saint of beekeepers (3 Words)
5.last North African pope
6.patron saint of Venice (3 Words)
8.Roman soldier burned for torching pagan temple (3 Words)
9.founder of Poor Clares (3 Words)
11.patron saint of swineherds and shipwrecks (3 Words)
13.welsh virgin who lost her head
15.led Swedish crusade against the Finns (3 Words)
16.patron saint of cobblers, lace makers and glove makers
18.Capetian princess who chose nun's life (3 Words)
23.his relicts were rescued from the Danes and Henry VIII too
24.apostle to the southern Picts
27.Countess of Cologne who gave her wealth away
29.famed for his lance
30.patron saint of archivists and librarians
31.cared for the poor on Bodmin Moor

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