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Unit 4: Force

1 2 3             4
  6         7   8  
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2.for a given force, if the mass of an object decreases, the acceleration _____
6.a force that can change when acceleration due to gravity changes
9.All objects in the universe exert a force on all others; however, differences in ______ may make these forces unnoticeable.
10.Force that opposes motion
11.a measure of the amount of matter in an object
12.In order to keep a race car going around a circular track at constant speed ________ force is needed.
14.forces that move in opposite directions that are not of equal strength
15.a push or pull with a size and direction
16.an object will remain at rest or move in a straight line with (4 Words)
18.an object acted upon by an unbalanced force will accelerate in the direction of the force (4 Words)
19.Air molecules act on the forward-moving surface of an object, slowing its motion. (2 Words)
20.Inertia is related to ______
1.Things move because action and reaction forces work on ________ objects.
3.a set of rules used to predict and explain motion (4 Words)
4.Mass remains the _________ no matter what weight is.
5.used to measure mass
7.For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (4 Words)
8.Forces that result in no change in an object’s motion
13.used to measure force
17.measures an object’s tendency to remain at rest or keep moving.

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