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Human Development

Group 3

This is a 12-word crossword puzzle! There are many terms used in the book, so we selected a few random words from the powerpoints to see how well you know the chapters. Feel free to use your powerpoint slides and book!

1 2 3
4 5                          

4.children learn language due to the social cues of smiling, stroking, and talking back to them
7.birthing method that teaches women breathing and relaxation methods
9.view that states that infant must develop the concept of object permanence before specific attachment becomes possible
11.development from the trunk outward
12.actual set of traits; develop both because of genetic and environmental influences
1.development from the upper part of the body to the lower part of the body
2.the type of reflex when the underside of foot from heel is toes is stroked; toes fan out
3.set of traits that we inherit from our parents
5.perspective developed by Brofenbrenner; looks at interactions and that there are systems that influence behavior and development
6.view that states that attachment behaviors are conditioned due to infant’s needs being met by caregiver
8.a part of the three parts of personality
10.foreign sounds drop out due to the lack of reinforcement

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