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Space words

Muayad Bahaj

2 3        
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  15 16          
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2.Planet that rotates in the opposite direction than the Earth
5.A star and all objects caught in its gravity, that together from a system
8.A mass of rock from space that burns up after entering the Earth's atmosphere
11.The 433d asteroid, discovered by DeWitt in 1898.Eros at times comes closer to the Earth than any heavenly body except the moon
12.All matter that exists
16.The seventh smallest planet in the solar system and the seventh planet from the sun
17.The eighth planet from the sun in our solar system
18.A natural satellite of a planet
19.A gaseous mass in space that generates anergy by the sun
1.A falling star composed of ice and dust with a luminous tail caused by vaporization when it orbits close to the sun
3.The only planet we know of that supports life
4.A small, rocky, body that revolves around the sun
6.The dominant member at the center of the solar system we live in
7.Second largest planet in the solar system
9.Planet called giant of giants, made mostly of hydrogen and helium
10.The closest planet to the sun
13.Dwarf planet covered dy frozen nitrogen
14.The third smallest planet in the solar system and the fourth planet from the sun
15.The smallest identified dwarf planet in the solar system and the only one in the asteroid blet.

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