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PHCA Keyboarding Quiz

Mr. D Henderson

Crossword puzzle for keyboading class.

1   2   3
4 5       6        
13 14 15

1.The return made automatically by the computer.
5.Orientation of paper when short edge is at the top
8.One line left between lines of text
9.Used to print your name in the top margin on every page of document
10.The return made by the typist.
15.Body should be centered in front this key on the keyboard
16.Number of times you space after a semicolon.
2.Used to print your name in the bottom margin on every page of document
3.Orientation of paper when long edge is at the top
4.Shift key used to key the capital letter S.
6.Place keyboarding text to ________ of your computer monitor.
7.Placement of feet on floor when typing
11.Single space abbreviation
12.20% of material keyed with this thumb
13.Spaces following a period with an internal abbrev (ex Ph.D.)
14.Space(s) following a period at the end of an abbrev following initials (D. H.)

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