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Your Body and Wellness

Ch 4 Practical Psychology

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2.a lifestyle choice and lifelong process of taking care of our needs of functioning
5.your ___ is an influence on health that you can control to a greater extent than other factors
7.rest is ___
13.your body can express your ___ self, such as your mouth which can be tight or at ease
14.many insurance companies are now paying for ___ medicine such as screening for potential problems
15.wellness can be thought of a bridge between self-responsibility and ___
16.nourishing your soul may be as important as nourishing your ________
18.this is a set of beliefs that connect us to a higher power or a God
19.a recommendation includes ___ minutes a day of brisk walking
20.he is an author and physician interested in patients' psychological and spiritual lives as well as physical
21.holistic health focuses on __ facets of human functioning
22.regarding sleep, _______ matters more than quantity
23.sleeping less than 7 hours or more than 8 hours increases one's ___ risk
1.sleep deprivation can result in ________ loss
3.You are what you _____.
4.Schafer's philosophy includes a balance of self-care with ____ ______ (2 Words)
6.sleep ___ increases vulnerability to emotional upset and the consequences of stress
8.a non-active lifestle is called a ___________ lifestyle and is a hazard to health
9.this means our relationship to the universe, for finding meaning and purpose in life
10.he says eating well means using food to influence health as well as provide pleasure
11.pressure for a woman to have a perfect body may regarded as a form of ____________
12.___, as exercise, can lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes
17.the Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the ____ people and author of Ethics for the New Millenium

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