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algebra II

ms. ramon

  3 4
    11                       12    
15       16  
    17       18            
21       22     23            

2.a number with a real part and an imaginary part
6.a graph made of distinct, non connected points
8.a method for solving a system of equations that involves adding or subtracting multiplies of the equations to eliminate a variable
9.a variable whose values are not based on the values of another variable
11.the form of a repeated multiplication expression in which every occurrence of each factor is shown
13.a system of equations that has a least one solution
14.in the shape of a line or represented by a line, or an algebraic expression or equation of degree 1
17.a linear relationship between two variables
19.the form y=ax^2+bx+c
21.the least value in a data set of the least value of a function of graph
23.the base of an exponential expression
24.a polynomial with two terms
25.the set of output values of a relation
26.the relationship that reverses the independent and dependent variables of a relations
1.a notation that emphasizes that dependent variable used in a function
3.the set of input values for a relation
4.any relationship between two variables
5.the most basic form of a function
6.a variable whose values depends on the values of another variables
7.a relation for which every value of the independent variable has at most one value of the dependent variable
10.the exponent of an exponential expression b^x, is x
12.a statement that one quality is less than, less than or equal to, greater than, greater than of equal to, or not equal to another quantity
15.an equation that is true for all values of the variable for which the expressions are defined
16.a transformation that stretches or shrinks a function or graph both horizontally and vertically by the same scale factor
18.an expression that is rewritten as a single polynomial
20.the greatest value in a data set or the greatest value of a function or graph
22.a rectangular array of numbers or expressions, enclosed in brackets

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