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The Persian Wars

Saffron Courtney

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3.Greek ships were far ______ than Persian ones
5.Where the first Persian war was fought (against Athens)
6.King of Sparta
9.Mountains north of Athens in Greece
10.Athenian general
12.The sea separating Greece and Persia
14.Destroyed Darius' ships in his first attempt to conquer all of Greece
15.Area of water that the Persian ships were trapped in
17.Ran back and forth from Sparta and Athens and Marathon, brought Athens news of their first Persian War victory
18.25 miles south of Marathon
1.Number of Persians Darius' son had in his troops
2.How many Spartans remained and fought when the King of Sparta told them they could retreat
4."Never ________ on the battlefield, but fight until victory or death."
7.Who won the Persian wars
8.Darius' son
9.Times Darius attempted to take over Greece. Also the number of years he waited after his first attempt
11.Athens sent these to help with the first Persian War
13.The city-state that only fought in the Persian wars after Athens' victory
16.Persia conquered this Greek city-state first

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