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Atoms and Bonding Vocabulary

Bailee Jensen

1 2
4                       5
  6 7                
    8                     9
10   11                
  12             13    

3.Belonging to group 1
4.Chemical bond formed when 2 atoms share electrons
7.Negative particle
8.Covalent bond, electrons are shared equally
10.2 or more elements chemically combined
12.Covalent bond, electrons are shared unequally
14.Attraction between positive metal electrons
15.Number in chemical formula, tells number of atoms in a molocule or ratio
16.Belonging to group 17
17.Same horizontal row
18.Element in group 18
1.Attraction between oppositely charged icons
2.Highest energy level of a atom
5.Positive particle
6.Same vertical coloumn
9.term used to describe a material that can be pulled out into a long wire
11.describe material that can be hammered or rolled into shape
13.Uncharged particles

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