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Crossword #1

Kim Martin

Medical Terminology

1               2
    6                           7 8
  9                               10    
11                     12                        
13                 14                                
17     18                            
19   20                 21  
        22     23

1.A muscle that runs down the inner thigh and is used to move the thigh toward the midline 5.141
6.The fleshy mass at the base of the thumb (two words) 5.138
9.A chronic autoimmune disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal muscles (two words) 5.134
11.A team leader or specialist in physical medicine 5.143
12.The calf muscle 5.141
13.Transfers and accumulates oxygen (protein) 5.134
14.The area at the bend of the back of the knee (two words) 5.141
16.Recording of electrical signals of the heart 1.11
17.one of the three muscles that helps flex the forearm 5.138
19.Adjective form of the word meaning armpit 1.13
24.To be physically exhausted and weak 1.13
26.A detailed plan for a regimen of therapy 1.2
27.Surgical removal of the thymus gland 5.135
28.A fluid-filled cyst, or a collection of nerve cells outside the brain and spinal cord 1.13
29.Specialist in treating disorders of the lungs 1.7
30.The bones that make up the spinal column 1.15
31.Breakdown of muscle fibers 5.134
1.Surgery or care provided, without resulting in the need for overnight care 5.137
2.Lack of blood supply to the tissue 1.11
3.Unavoidable loss of mental and intellectual functions, chronic 1.13
4.Pain in the muscle fibers 5.134
5.A muscle located on the upper lateral portion of the thigh (three words) 5.140
7.Another term for physical therapy 5.143
8.Inflammation of a tendon and its surrounding synovial sheath 5.134
10.Air in the pleural cavity 1.9
14.Axial skeleton joined to upper limbs and promotes movement (two words) 5.136
15.Muscle in the back, far-ranging (two words) 5.138
18.Disease of the myocardium 1.11
20.Within a vein 1.15
21.Large red blood cell 1.9
22.An artificial limb or body part 5.145
23.Small red blood cell 1.9
25.Medical term for the armpit (pl) 1.13

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