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At the Movies

Gregory Kenny

Movie and Academy Award trivia

2     3
7   8     9
10 11   12            
          13 14    
      15           16              
17               18        
    19     20 21             22        
23                     24           25
        26 27      
28 29       30     31 32          
  33               34 35  
      36             37
  38                 39          
  41                               42
    44   45          
46         47               48
  49   50       51          

2.Long running TV show, movie first
5.Tourist from Kazakhstan
8.Spielberg's first nominee
12.Chariot race epic (2 Words)
14.Tolkien's initials
15.Sacheen Littlefeather accepted for...
16.Number of angry men
17.King's Speech Best Actor
18."8th wonder of the world"
19.Lovable alien
21.Tired dwarf
22.Most nominated screenwriter
23."Greed is good" (2 Words)
24.Viola Davis' first nomination
27.1958 Best Picture
28."_____ the Greek"
32.Casablanca quote: "We'll always have ____"
33.Best Picture Mozart biopic
36.West Side Story role
38.Wore a swan dress
39."Lawrence of ______"
41.First color Best Picture (4 Words)
43.Gosling does what
45."Moonstruck" Oscar winner
46.Oldest Best Actress
47.Dreamgirls star
49.Animation powerhouse
51."Lose Yourself" song winner
1.Nominated dance documentary
3.Train station stowaway
4.Best Picture about L.A. race relations
5.Brad Pitt's Oakland manager
7.Streep's "Choice"
9.First Best Animated Feature winner
10."127 _____"
11."First rule of _____" (2 Words)
12.Host of the most (2 Words)
13.Del Toro's "Labyrinth"
14.Teen pregnancy comedy
16."Take My Breath Away" movie (2 Words)
20.AFI's Greatest American Film (2 Words)
21.Gollum and Cesar performer Andy
22.First Best Picture winner
25.Tom Hanks grows up too fast
26.Black and white-era feel good filmmaker
29.Swell Season drama
30.Philip Seymour Hoffman Best Actor role
31.Lost fish
34.Cameo'd in 41 of his own films
35."The ______ Patient"
37.Kathy Bates obsessed fan movie
39.Oscar nominated bro's Wes and P.T.
40.Monroe's playwright husband
41.Indian peace lover
42."All About ___"
44.Philadelphia boxing underdog
46.DeNiro drives one in 1976
48.Roaring lion studio
50.Denzel Washington's Malcolm __

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