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Genetics CAT0112

Kyleigh & Kristin

Puzzle for A&P class presentation on genetics

1   2        
  5                 6
    8 9                  
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  14 15                    
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23       24        

1.a condition of having an extra autosome (triplet rather than a pair)
5.a chart that illustrates genetics relationships in a family over generations
9.22 identical pairs of chromosomes
10.entire collection of proteins encoded by the genome
12.the presence of only one autosome rather than a pair
15.attachment between the two arms of a chromosome
20.condition characterized by a lack of melanin pigment
21.a person showing dominant traits capable of passing on the recessive gene
22.bits of formerly functional genes
23.double helix that carries the "blueprint" for the body
24.segments of a DNA molecule
25.the scientific study of inheritance
2.cartoon of a chromosome
3.square that is used to determine probability of inheriting certain traits
4.compacts mass of DNA that is formed during cellular replication
5.analysis of proteins encoded for by the genome
6.entire collection of genetic material in the typical cell
7.analysis of the genomic code
8.genes that are capable of masking effects of other genes
10.shorter segment of the chromosome
11.a form of dominance in which a person has more than one dominant gene
13.chart showing the 46 chromosomes in numbered pairs by size
14.longer segment of the chromsome
16.agent that causes mutation
17.genes that you must have two of to be expressed
18.sex cells (spermatozoa and ova)
19.funtional protein that allows biochemical reactions to occur

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