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      5 6
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4.The bones are conected by these. Page 15
11.The outer layer of skin. Page 32
13.connective tisue that connects bone to muscle. PAge 26
16.Muscles inside of organs Page 26
17.the hole youre hair grows out of. Page 33
19.A pigment that gives skin it;'s color. Page 33
20.Tissue that protects and convers parts of your body (inside and out) Page 8
24.Muscles not in your concous control. Page 24
26.A cell structure created by multiple tissues stacking ontop of eachother.Page 8
27.Tissue that contracts and shortens. Page 8
30.Muscles you can control Page 25
32.The_________helps your bones move. Page 14
33.The body's tendency to keep and constant enternal condition. Page 8
34.A group of organs ment to doone thing, Page 8
35.Ears ,nose,and the ends of bones. Page 15
36.The middle strong, soft tissue and the last middle layer of bone. Page 16
37.openings in your skin. Page 33
1.The basic unit of living things. Page 7.
2.Another word for skelatal muscle Page 26
3.a diasiese in witrch cells divide uncontrobably. Page 35
5.Muscle found ONLY in the heart Page 27
6.Tissue that directs and controls proscess. Page 8
7.The inner layer of the skin. Page 33
8.The body's framework. Page 12
9.the effect of consuming little calcium that causes the bones to break down easlily Page 19
10.The outer layer of skin. Page 32
12.The middle of a cell contains organells. Page 7
14.The control center of all cells. Page 7
15.Muscles found on your skeleton. Page 26
18.Tissue that suports and conects the body. Page 8
21.The body's reaction to to potentionally threating ,disturbing ,or changlling edvents.Page 9
22.The oustside layer of animal cells. Page 7.
23.Hard ,dense but not solid layer of the bone. Page 16
25.The strong ,lightweight and inner layer of bones. Page 16
28.The middle of a cell contains organells. Page 7
29.The bumps in your back. small bones.helps you bend. Page 13
31.A group of cells that have a certaint function.Page 8.

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