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50's Rock and Roll

Branham HS Fine Arts Seminar

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  3 4
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1.Alan _______________
7.A job playing records on the radio
8.The owner of sun records
11.Ritchie Valens sir name
12.A gold record by the King
14.Elvis' first recording label
16.Where 50's teens bought race records
17.He married a 14 year old
2.Original version of Tutti Frutti was by Little ________________
3.The first movie to use a rock and roll hit
4.Also called a remake
5.American ________________
6.Valens' fear
8.A musical bribery case in the 50's
9.Nickname for the king of rock and roll
10.Rhythm and ____________
13.Ritchie Valens girlfriend
15.The first Rock and Roll ambassador to Europe

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