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Disney Songs


How well do you know you're disney songs lyrics?

1 2       3    
  5             6            
7 8            
    9           10  
  11   12 13            
      14 15             16
    17         18  
19                   20             21    
            23     24          
25   26                      
          27     28  
        29   30              
    32     33              
34         35                        
  36         37 38        
42       43   44
    45 46                      
47                         48          
  51           52           53 54          
    56             57        

2.every time his funny little _______ sounds
5.to big bells as loud as the _________ to little bells soft as a sigh
6.I know it's true that __________ are seldom as they seem
7.two worlds, one _________
9.oh the aim of our _________, is a question rather droll
13.we're your _________. We're your __________. we're your _________ to the bitter end.
15.now I'll stuff you with _________ won't hurt cuz you're dead
19.but he was mean, and he was coarse, and __________
20.try to keep it ___________, honey we can see right through you
22.there's so much that we _______, that it's time we're aware
23.when I see an ___________ fly
26.it's _________ but hey! it's home
30.when you rush around in _________ circles, searching everywhere for something true
31.______________ you're as lovely as your name
33.don't let the stormy ___________ pull you down
34.an ape like me, can learn to be _______ too!
35.when you meet ______________ and the urge is very strong
38.a ________ is as lucky as lucky can be
39.not green, not pink, not _________ we're painting the roses red
40.and as the years go by our __________ will never die
41.I think it's time that you and I arrange a _______ ____ _________ (3 Words)
46.up to the ______________ up where the air is clear
47.it's clear from your vacant ____________ the lights are not all on upstairs
48._________ roundup, come on it's time to play
49.I steal only what I can't _________. (That's everything)
51.you're heart starts beatin' like a _____ _____ ______ (3 Words)
54.all in a ________ afternoon
55.ho hum the tune is dumb, the words don't mean a ________
56.there you see her, __________ there across the way
57.the _______ is the duke of soul
58.everybody has a _____________ place
59.their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of ________
1.when there's a ______ in your heart
3.and in my ________ face, there's not the slightest trace
4.every truly _________ music student knows
8.if we weren't in the show starting right away we'd be in the __________ too
10.you've got ___________? I've got them too
11.oh mister ___________ on my shoulder
12.who's the _________ of the club that's made for you and me?
14.We'll prepare and serve with flair a __________ cabaret
16.show us that in your eyes, we are all the _______
17.there's children throwing ______________ instead of throwing heads
18.oh this is the night, and the _________ are right
20.I'd surf til the sunsets beyond the __________
21.now blow the __________ out my dear, and make your wish come true
24.but technicolor ___________ is really too much for me
25.I've been around the block before with ____________ just like you
27.we're _____________ the leader
28.she ought to be locked up and never ___________
29.neither one of you sees, your natural _______________
32.it means no worries (2 Words)
36.soaring, tumbling, ______________
37.Have faith in your dreams and someday your ___________ will come shining through
42.The main street _____________ parade
43.look at this ______, treasures untold
44.every last inch of me is covered in hair
45.you can't step in the same ________ twice
50.If honey's what you ______ you'll find that they love it
52.and I will go ________ no more
53.which title character sings reflection?

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