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Elements and the Periodic Table

Steve Dacey

1 2 3
4 5                        
6 7             8     9 10                
11             12                      
        13             14   15
    17 18          
22   23              
    24 25      
  26         27       28
30   31     32  

5.Cu, Au, and Ag.
7.Light, strong transition metal used to make hips, knees, and high-speed aircraft parts.
10.Different crystal structures, like graphite and diamond, of the same element.
11.Metalloid used to make computer chips and solar panels.
12.These elements all have more than 92 protons in their nuclei.
13.The most non-reactive elements.
16.The type of bond that holds Fe or Cu together.
18.Radioactive noble gas.
19.The second row of inner transition elements.
20.Metals in the middle of the periodic table.
22.Elements that are not malleable and don’t conduct electricity.
25.Pennies are made mostly of this metal.
26.A property of metals.
33.H, F, N, O, Cl, Br, I, and At are the only elements found in nature like this.
34.An element often found around volcanic vents, aka brimstone.
35.The most reactive nonmetal.
36.The most common element of Earth’s atmosphere.
37.The most abundant element in the universe.
38.Metal used to make light bulb filaments.
1.Isotopes with unstable nuclei that eventually split into lighter elements.
3.Fairly reactive metals like Be, Mg, and Ca.
4.A metal that is much more common in meteorites than in Earth rocks. It provided key evidence for the impact that killed all of the large dinosaurs.
6.The most reactive metal you can buy. And it’s not cheap.
8.These elements have properties of metals and nonmetals.
9.A group 14 element essential to all known life forms.
14.Elements with atomic mass numbers over 92 that are made by humans.
15.A group 14 element that forms the basis of most rocks and minerals.
17.Alkaline earth metal that reacts with acid to produce hydrogen gas, and burns with a white-hot flame.
23.Noble gas used in advertising.
24.The most common halogen in the sea.
27.The third most common element in Earth’s atmosphere.
28.The only nonmetal that is liquid at room temperature.
29.Reactive metals with one easily lost valence electron.
30.The only metal that is liquid at room temperature.
31.Very reactive, one more electron would fill their valence shells.
32.Where metals are found in Earth’s crust.

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