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EDUC 1301 Chapters 1-4

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1.eliminates tracking practices from the nations schools
4.responsible for first state supported normal school (2 Words)
6.no child with a disability may be denied a free and appropriate education (2 Words)
7.theory that students due poorly in school due to social, cultural or linguistic background
10.grouping children with flexibility (2 Words)
13.a school that establishes model standards (2 Words)
16.art and science of teaching
18.offers clues about groups that can help teachers plan
19.steps you can do between now and graduation to make yourself this (3 Words)
2.three principals that focus on learning strengths of students and mediates between home and school (3 Words)
3.theory of multiple intelligence (2 Words)
5.a different way students learn (2 Words)
8.groups that have maintained their cultural and language (2 Words)
9.found a fair degree of consistency in how time is spent in classrooms (2 Words)
11.learners that reading years behind or years ahead grade level
12.diverse ways of learning (2 Words)
14.screening and sorting kids by abilities
15.an absolute statement applied to all memebers of a group
17.teachers determine who will talk, when, and how long

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