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Workplace Safety

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2.The 3 types of food safety hazards are chemical, biological and what?
5.Occupational ____________ and Health Administration (O_HA)
7.Do not mix this and ammonia
9.You should _____ your hands for 20 seconds before entering production
13.When you have a cut, you must wear a blue one under your glove
14.Thawing foods must take place in this area
15.Clean this up immediately to prevent a fall
18.Nuts are _______ and must be used and stored properly to avoid contaminating foods that do not contain nuts
20.Hazard Analysis ________ Control Point
22.You should wear personal _______ equipment when working and cleaning if needed
23.Use these gloves when using a knife
24.Following Good __________________ Practices (G__P) helps assure food safety
27.You must wear this when in production
29.Cross _________ is what happens when bacteria from one food item are transferred to another food item
30.Who is responsible for workplace safety?
32.Do not leave this open and unattened while cleaning
34.Know where the eye wash ________ are in each plant
35.Discard this where it belongs
37.Report these for Worker's Compensation purposes
39.In terms of pest control, you must report any time you see one of these
1.Spoilage of food can occur when when you do not do this properly
3.Material Safety Data Sheets are maintained for each kind of this in each plant
4.Clearly identify these with a sign if they cannot be removed immediately
6.Increased accidents lead to increased ____________ premiums
7.These harmful critters can grow rapidly while food temps are in the danger zone between 41º and 140º
8.The kitchen is ______ inspected
10.Use this when walking down stairs
11.You must have this to use a pallet jack
12.This should not be worn in production at any time
16.Before starting production, you must do this to make sure that your equipment and work area are clean
17.When lifting, use these
19.Do this first when cleaning conveyors
21.You should only operate equipment and use chemicals if you have received this
25.Thermometers used to check a CCP must be _________ periodically as required by our HACCP food safety plans
26.All Chemicals used must be in a __________ container
28.COA stand for Certificate of _________, which we use to help assure an ingredient meets specifications
31.Number of allergens that cause 90% of allergic reacations
33.The bakery is a ________ free facility
36.Off condition foods must be placed on ______ per our written procedures
38.We follow what chain to keep our products safe?

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