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Dedicated to my love, Ki. A puzzle filled with all things us.

1     2       3 4 5     6         7
  8 9                
10         11                   12 13  
      14 15              
16               17             18      
20               21                        
  22   23            
24   25   26   27          
    28   29            
      30                       31  
  33   34                            
38 39               40 41 42       43
46   47              
48 49         50 51 52     53      
57   58          

5.One's true love.
8.Morning activity.
10.Faithful; firm in support
11.Something I am known for.
15.The newest of the 50 United States.
16.King Me.
17.______ Aga,claimed to be one of the longest-living humans in the history of mankind.
18.A term of endearment
20.The Inn we stayed at.
21.'Swift seizer'
23.I look forward to this every morning.
24.Sea to _______.
27.You're the _________.
28.What color was the rock you picked up for me on the beach?
30.Feeling or showing deep sympathy or a desire to help
34.Sexy Undead.
35.Something we want to do together.
36.An activity that we share a love for.
39.In the background.
41.Twin of Artemis.
44.Word derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to yoke or join together.
45.Agar source.
47.Sideways eight.
49.An item we both own.
52.Get close and cozy.
54.Nature walk.
56.Ours are the same.
2.Race requiring superior stamina.
3.I am the ________.
4.You are my lover and my _____________.
6.It's known as the best medicine. We share it often.
7.Widely cultivated in Belgium during the 16th century.
9.Marine Museum.
12.A house explored.
13.Foundational element.
14.A movie staring Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan.
19.I love you more than _______.
22.One often needing a change.
25.Will you marry me?
26.Reminder of times past.
29.Another way of saying 'Love'.
31.Our love is ________.
32.Founded by the a pair of brothers in 1926
33.More than fortunate (to have you).
36.An end of the night treat.
37.Unlikely steakhouse patron.
38.Fire Breather
40.Something I want to spend with you.
42.The shared space of us peas.
43.A symbol found in Hindu and Tibetan philosophy.
46.Sitting Bull, for one.
48.It's often planted.
50.Know for his 24 hour church (among other things).
51.I love yours.
52.An emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor.
53.________of Pergamon.
55.Another term for 'bed'.
58.My heart wants this.

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