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A brief history of South Africa

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1."Swart ------" was the dominant issue of the 1929 election
4.Middle name of Jan van Riebeeck
11.Prohibition of Mixed --------- Act 55 of 1949 prohibited marriages between whites and members of other racial groups
12.One of the people who murdered King Shaka in 1828
13.An influential Dutch trading company known as the VOC
15.Another word for the country of Sumatra
17.Lived in South Africa twenty thousand years ago
18.The Afrikaner ----------- was a secret Afrikaner brotherhood formed in 1918
20.In this month of 1991 the government repealed the Population Registration Act
22.Smuts wrote the preamble to the UN -------
23.---------- Registration Act 30 of 1950
27.Surname of the person who founded the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa
29.Surname of the President of the South African Republic in 1883
30.The First Charter of ------- was passed in 1826 to change the legal system in the Cape
31.Early hominids lived here over three million years ago
33.First name of Indian leader whose surname was Gandhi
36.One of the official languages of South Africa in 1910
37.Reservation of Separate --------- Act 49 of 1953
40.A word for white farmers
41.Freedom of the ----- was forbidden by the British authority in 1800
42.Name for a document known as a reference book
44.These people were known as "men of men"
45.State of --------- declared in 1985, under which the media was consored and thousands of people detained without trial
46.Name of the trial in which Nelson Mandela was tried for treason in 1963
47.Surname of the person who became Prime Minister after Verwoerd was asssinated
48."Forced migration" in Sotho
49.Surname of the deputy leader of the first goverment of the Union of South Africa in 1910
2.Place where the Second Anglo-Boer War was ended in 1902
3.Gold was discovered here in 1886
5.White males fled into exile or overseas to avoid military service known as ------------
6.Name of the homeland granted independence by South Africa in 1977
7.Place where the Freedom Charter was adopted in 1955
8.First name of 1958 Prime Minister Verwoerd
9.Place where Van Riebeeck set up a Dutch shipping station
10.Language spoken by the people who settled in the Limpopo River area about one thousand years ago
14.Name given to a "pioneer" or someone who participated in the Great Trek
16.Nationality of Bartolomeu Dias
19.The name of the voting process by which white voters decided in 1960 whether South Africa should become a republic
21.Suppression of --------- Act 44 of 1950
24.The First British ---------- was from 1795 to 1803
25.The Convention for a Democratic South Africa
26.On this day, Vasco Da Gama saw the Natal coast for the first time
28.Style of government decided for South African constitution in 1909
32.Stolen by free burghers from the Khokhoi when setting up their farms
34.The policy adopted by Prime Minister Malan after the victory by the National Party in 1948
35.Mandela was unanimously elected --------- by the National Assembly on 9 May 1994
38.Name of the bay formally annexed in the name of King James I by Shillinge and Herbert in 1620
39.Middle name of Oliver Tambo
43.Purchased by Van Riebeeck from Madagascar and Indonesia

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