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Sources of law; origins of our legal system

Shawn Kopel - Guide to Business Law 5th edition

© Oxford University Press Southern Africa 2012

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4.How legislation begins before passed as an Act
7.Another name for Hugo de Groot
8.Laws passed by Parliament are known as "-------- legislation"
11.Validity of applying Roman-Dutch law in the Cape was confirmed by Britain when it passed the first and second -------- of Justice of 1827 and 1834
13.First name of the Roman emperor Justinian
17.A well-known jurist appointed by Justinian to head a commission to collect and consolidate existing Roman law
19.The body of law resulting from decisions on points of law made by other courts with regard to the same circumstances
23.The supreme law in the Republic of South Africa, and prevails over all other laws
27."Ratio --------" is the legal principle of each case
29.The State newspaper that publishes Acts of Parliament
30.This consists of all the laws considered by South African courts as being persuasive or binding
1.------ dicta are "remarks made in passing"
2."----- decisis et non quieta movere"
3.The Constitution provides for the separation of the legislative, executive and -------- arms of government
5.Head of State of South Africa
6.----------- courts in a province must follow decisions of the High Court in that province
9.This land was annexed by Britain and became a Crown Colony in 1844
10.Defined as the setting down of binding rules of law in a formalized way, by an authority that has the legal capacity to do so
14.---------- through disuse means that a law is so out of date that it is useless
15.Court established following the creation of the Union of South Africa in 1910
16.House of Parliament to which Members are elected for a five-year term according to a system of proportional representation
18.Contained in chapter two of the Constitution
20.Means the way the name of a court case is written, printed or referred to
21.Roman-Dutch law refers to the legal system that applied in the ---------- during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
22.Place where the Appellate Division was located in 1910
24.South Africa became a -------- in 1961
25.Law of Nations
26.Outside the powers of the law
28.The Twelve Tables of Rome were made of this metal

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