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Court structure and jurisdiction

Shawn Kopel - Guide to Business Law 5th edition

© Oxford University Press Southern Africa 2012

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7.This type of magistrates' court deals with civil claims of up to R100 000
8.The Supreme Court of ------
9.A court will generally also have jurisdiction if the person being sued or charged works within the area or owns -------- there
11.If any law, regulation, ordinance, or by-law infringes any constitutional rights, that piece of legislation may be struck down as ----------------
13.This province has no High Court
16.There are 13 magisterial ------- consisting of 383 magisterial districts
18.The death penalty contravenes the constitutional protection of a citizen’s right to ----
19.In this type of court an authorised African traditional leader or deputy may hear and determine civil claims arising from indigenous law and custom
20.higher court
1.The Chief Justice of South Africa sits in this court
2.Another name for a branch of the High Court
3.Place where the South Gauteng High Court is located
4.------- divisions of the High Court are temporary mobile courts
5.Name of court that can hear civil claims up to R12 000
6.A process by which a higher court may reconsider a previous judgment in the same case
10.This determines which court is allowed to decide a particular matter, and what may be claimed as a remedy
12.lower court
14.An expert who may sit with a judge to decide a criminal case
15.The Constitutional Court was created by an ------- constitution in 1993
17.Re-examination of a decision or proceedings of any inferior court, or of any tribunal, board or officer performing a judicial or administrative decision-making function

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