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Sensation and Perception

Chrissy Cunningham

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    3 4
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1.A perceptual cue in which we group like things together
5.Arousal of a sense organ
7.Changes due to light
8.Located in outer edge of retina
10.Where optic nerve connects to retina (2 Words)
11.Complexity and shape of sound waves
14.Clear, outer covering
16.Takes information to optic lobe (2 Words)
17.Inability to distinguish between colors (2 Words)
18.Frequency or rate of sound waves
19.Part of the occipital lobe malfunctions, color blindness (2 Words)
24.Intensity of lightwaves
25.Junction where the two optic nerves cross (2 Words)
27.Beneath cornea, clear tissue
28.Greater stimulus, greater chance needed to detect difference (2 Words)
29.Change in curvature of lens to focus eye sight
34.Organized whole, shape, or form
36.Absolute threshold
38.Center of the retina
1.Purity of wavelength
2.Consciously focusing on a limited stimuli
3.Irregular sound waves
4.Height and amplitude of sound waves
6.Brain fills in missing pieces of a visual image
7.How you interpret info.
9.Receptors located in mucous membrane
12.Binocular cues
13.Knowing what is close to you and what is farther away
15.Contains receptor cells
20.Color part of the eye
21.Gathers sound and directs it into the ear
22.Tiny hairs that receive odor molecules
23.A measure of how loud a sound is
26.We group together things that are near one another
30.Snail shaped part of the ear filled with fluid
32.Receptor cells, detect color
33.Salt, sweet, sour, bitter
35.White part of eye
37.Difference in wavelengths, "color"

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