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Anita Brown

Hope this helps you!

1 2           3           4      
    6 7                          
      8                       9
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      25 26                  

2.The way words are combined to form acceptable phrases and sentences
3.The ability of the brain to change and adapt based on experience
6.The specialization of functions in one hemisphere of the brain or the other
8.Realationships between dependent and independent variables
10.A technique of changing the level of support over the course of a teaching session with a more skilled person adjusting the amount of guidance to fit a students current performance level.
11.Identifying and describing themes of human experience
13.The meaning of words and sentences
14.The idea that some characteristic of an object stays the same even though the object might change in appearance
15.Mental representations that are reversible
17.Dividing things into different sets or subsets and considering their interrelationships
19.The inability to distinguish between one's own perspective and someone else's perspective
24.The use of appropriate conversation
26.A controlled setting from which many of the complex factors of the real world have been removed
27.A language sound system
28.A Phase of maturation that occurs mainly in early adolescence and involves a height and weight spurt and sexual maturation
1.The belief that inanimate objects have lifelike qualities and are capable of action
2.Information, such as concepts, knowledge, and events that individuals already process
4.Learning that emphases that people actively create knowledge
5.An act in which individuals incorporate new knowledge into existing knowledge
7.An act in which individuals adjust to new information
9.The pattern of Biological, cognitive,and socio-emotional changes that begins at conception and continues through the lifespan
12.The ability to combine relations logically to understand certain conclusions
16.A process in which many cells of the brain and nervous system are covered with an insulating layer of fat cells, which increases the speed at which information travels through the nervous system
18.Focusing or centring attention on one characteristic to the exclusion of all others
20.A carefully regulated procedure in which one or more of the factors believed to influence the behaviour being studied is manipulated and all other factors are held constant
21.Concrete operation that involves ordering stimuli along some quantitative dimension
22.The orderly sequence of changes dictated by an individual's genetic blueprint
23.Indepth examination of an individual
25.Tiny gaps between neurones where connections are made

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