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Officers of the court and the law

Shawn Kopel - Guide to Business Law 5th edition

© Oxford University Press 2012

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4.After completing pratcial training and passing relevant exams, the pupil or candidate attorney must make an application to the High Court for --------- as an advocate or attorney
7.Legal professional privilege is recognised by the courts to protect the --------------- of communication between legal practitioners and their clients
10.Another word for an advocate
12.In terms of the Right of ---------- in Courts Act attorneys may be heard in all of the lower courts and can also acquire the right of appearance in the superior courts
13.Someone who wants to become an attorney must complete practical legal training called -------- of clerkship
15.Law societies seek to promote the interests of the profession and maintain ------- conduct
16.Another word meaning to instruct an advocate
18.Another word for an advocate's office
19.This person is in charge of the administration and running of a division of the High Court
1.Refers to information that is private between a client and a legal practitioner
2.The one-year practical training that all people who want to become advocates must complete
3.The ---------- of South Africa is the coordinating body of the various independent law societies
5.A ------- is responsible for the service of High Court and magistrates’ court documents such as summonses, notices, warrants and court orders
6.This person is appointed for each division of the High Court, and is responsible for criminal prosecutions subject to the control of the Minister of Justice
8.This person is responsible for the control of the administration of the estates of minors, insane persons, insolvent persons, and deceased estates
9.A ----- is in charge of the administration of a magistrates’ court
11.A public servant who presents the State’s case in criminal cases.
13.The type of legal practitioner that a member of the public may see
14.During pupillage, the person who supervises the person who wants to become an advocate is called this
17.The professional society to which an advocate must belong

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