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Officers of the court and the law

Shawn Kopel - Guide to Business Law 5th edition

© Oxford University Press 2012

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3.The judgment of a prior court is reconsidered
5.As an alternative to a court process, parties involved in civil litigation may refer their dispute to a binding process called -----------
8.Where the issue is one of dispute of fact, a ----- action must be commenced
10.Name of the person who conducts a small claims court hearing
11.This document is a written statement signed in front of a commissioner of oaths
12.This type of proceedings is calso called "motion proceedings"
13.Means to take legal action through a judicial process, normally a court
15.Name of a person who makes an application to court
16.A letter of ------ is sent to require compliance with the terms of an agreement or enforcement of a right
17.Name of the document on which criminal charges are written
20.------- judgment can be applied for if the defendant fails within the time limit to file a notice of intention to defend
21.Name of a person signing an affidavit
22.The written defence of the defendant to the claim
23.Name of the file prepared by the South African Police Service after they investigate a matter
24.The default judgment is cancelled and the matter proceeds to be litigated
26.This type of court application involves only an applicant an no respondent
27.Name given to the person who is charged with a crime
28.Another word for the court's decision
29.Verbal or written instruction to appear in court on a certain day
1.This type of document is in writing, signed by the debtor in which he or she unconditionally admits owing a specific amount of money to the plaintiff
2.Lation phrase for the time after close of pleadings when a matter is ready to proceed to trail
4.Name of the person who sues another person
6.The ----------- Act governs all written agreements that refer a matter to arbitration
7.As an alternative to a court process, parties involved in civil litigation may refer their dispute to a non-binding process called ---------
9.Name of the person being sued
14.Another word for the corrective action imposed by a court
18.Name of a person against whom a court order is sought
19.-------- damages awarded by foreign courts are regarded as contrary to South African public policy
25.If the defendant lodges a notice of intention to defend within the time limit, and the plaintiff believes this was done just to delay proceedings, the plaintiff may apply to court for ------- judgment against the defendant

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