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Constitution of the RSA, 1996

Shawn Kopel - Guide to Business Law 5th edition

© Oxford University Press 2012

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4.Being ----- before the law means all laws may not unfairly discriminate against anyone
7.The National --------- consists of about 350 Members of Parliament
8.The National Council of --------- is the second chamber of Parliament
9.Freedom of ---------- includes freedom to receive or impart information or ideas
10.Another name for the courts
13.Name of chapter two of the Constitution
16.Another name for the national legislature
19.Maximum number of years that a judge can serve on the Constitutional Court
20.Another name for the national executive
21.Month that the Constitution was approved by the Constitutional Court in 1996
1.The person who decides what the national anthem is
2.Non-racialism and non-sexism are two ------ on which the South State is founded
3.The body that makes the laws
5.A law that has been passed by Parliament
6.The rights in the Bill of Rights can be limited by a reasonable and ----------- law
11.Everyone has the right to fair labour ---------
12.A draft law that has not been passed by Parliament
14.There are eleven -------- languages
15.Univeral adult -------- means that every adult may vote
17.The National Assembley makes decisions by a process called ------
18.Everyone has the right to have a dispute decided in a fair public hearing in a -----

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