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OGT Astronomy

1 2
4   5       6     7       8 9
          10               11
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3.one complete orbit around the sun
4.moon moves between sun and Earth casts a shadow on the Earth
10.small rocky bodies
13.made of ice, rock and dust
14.part of the sun we see during an eclipse
16.dark, flat regions on the moon caused by hardened lava
19.force that keeps objects in orbit around the sun
20.the only star in our solar system
22.rocky bodies that enter earth's atmosphere
23.violent explosion of a star
1.scientists who study space
2.explanation as to how the universe began
4.powerful eruptions of gas that occur near sunspots
5.Earth moves between the sun and the moon casting a shadow on the moon
6.where fusion occurs in the sun
7.layer of the sun that gives of the light we see
8.small object that strikes earth's surface
9.unit used to mearsure distance of objects in space
11.natural or artificial object that orbits another object in space
12.star that has used up all fo its helium in its core
15.the name of our galaxy
17.hydrogen atoms fuse into helium creating a release of energy
18.dark spots on the sun caused by lower temperatures
19.group of stars and interstellar matter
21.large cloud of gas and dust

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