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German Crossword

Nima Safaie 2/16/12


1   2    
3     4      
  5   6          
7   8 9    
      10     11 12   13     14
        15                 16  
17                       18        
          19           20        
                21     22  
23         24   25                
27               28                 29                
30           31                    
          32         33
  34     35                
        36 37                
    38 39 40      
42     43             44          
  45   46               47  
    48             49            
50                     51        
  52         53 54   55      

1.to see
3.may, to be permitted to
5.to wash
12.to eat
15.to push
17.to fly
18.to be
19.to write
21.Who is awesome
23.To bring
27.to shoot
28.To begin
29.to put in
30.to lift
31.To get, Receive
32.to hold
34.to lose
36.To break down
43.to drink
44.to ride
45.to have to, must
48.To think
49.to be, called
50.to sit
51.to call
52.to give
54.to know
56.to like
57.to be able to
2.to have
4.to eat
6.to speak
7.to run, walk
8.to flow, run
9.to read
10.To bake
11.To apply
13.to cut
14.to shine
16.to win
19.to swim
20.To stay
22.To turn out
24.to invite
25.To turn
26.To begin, start
27.to scream
33.to name, call
35.to lie, be located
37.To burn
38.to drive
39.To ask
40.to find
41.to stand
42.to know
46.to sing
47.to help
53.to leave, let
54.to come
55.to take

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