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Mrs. Haugh

1           2  
3 4  
  5                       6          
  7     8
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        11 12        
      17   18
    19         20  
    22                 23    

1.Long narrative poem about gods or heroes
5.Repetition of beginning consonant sounds
6.Narrative that is like a song
9.Poet tells a story through a character's thoughts or statements
12.Repetition of identical or similar sounds in stressed syllables
13.The rhyming of words within a line
14.A pattern of end rhymes
15.Repetition of consonants within nearby words in which the vowel sounds differ
16.A controlled pattern of rhythm
19.Poet expresses the feelings of a single speaker
22.The use of a word whose sound imitates its meaning
24.Descriptive language that appeals to the senses or creates a picture in your mind
25.Repetition of vowel sounds in nearby words
26.Fourteen-line poem with formal patterns of rhyme, rhythm, and line structure
2.The repetition of words that end with the same vowel and consonant sounds
3.A statement, an idea, or a situation that seems contradictory but actually expresses a truth
4.The poet tells a story in verse
7.Three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables
8.A comparison of two unlike things using the connecting words like, as, than, or resembles
10.Restating in your own words what someone else has written or said
11.Giving human feelings, thoughts, actions, or attitudes to an object or animal
14.Stressed and unstressed syllables
17.The repetition of words that end with similar sounds but do not rhyme perfectly
18.A comparison of two unlike things NOT using the words like, as than
20.Use of any language element more than once
21.No set rhyme scheme
23.The rhyming of words at the ends of lines

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