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Major Religions

Dustin Maurer

Covering the 5 major world religions covered in class (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism).

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1.Preserver and Protector of the universe.
3.A place where Jewish people gather to worship.
8.Created the world.
12.Arabic word for god.
13.Founder of Christianity.
15.Belief in multiple gods.
17.Birthplace of both Hinduism and Buddhism.
19.Rulers and Military.
20.______ Evil.
23.State of oneness with the universe.
24.Agreement between the Jewish people and god.
25.A place of Christian worship.
26.Foundations of Islamic faith.
28.An Islamic place of worship.
33.Respect _______.
34.Holy Book of Hinduism.
35.Messenger of Allah.
36.People can eliminate desire by following the _____ _____.
39.Two branches of Islamic faith.
40.Holy Book of Christianity.
42.World's oldest religion.
43.A pilgrimage to Mecca.
45.Belief in ONE god.
46.Goddess of wealth and purity.
2.Peasants, Servants, Workers.
3.Life is filled with _________.
4.Farmers, Landlords, Merchants.
5.Founded by Siddhartha Gautama.
6.Priests and Academics.
7.Outcasts (Out of Caste).
9.Followers of Islam.
10.Destroys the universe to recreate it.
11.Largest religion in the world.
14.Foundations of Buddhism.
16.Holy Book of Islam.
18.Know _____.
21.Place where Christianity began.
22.Religion which both Christianity and Islam are linked.
27.Path to spiritual perfection.
28.Birth place of Islam and it's holiest city.
29.All people ______ and know _______.
30.Practice _______.
31.Birthplace of Judaism.
32.Place where Hindus or Buddhists gather to worship or meditate.
37.Means "submission or surrender" to god.
38.People suffer because of their _______.
41.Free your minds of ______.
44.A person's social class (caste).

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