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Exam Two

Dr. A. Brand

Chapters 14 and 15

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3.In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a vocal chamber work with continuo, usually for solo voice, consisting of several sections or movements that include recitatives and arias and setting a lyrical or quasi-dramatic text.
4.(Italian, 'sounded') A piece to be played on one or more instruments.
7.Piece for keyboard instrument or lute resembling an improvisation that may include imitative and technical sections or may serve as a prelude to an independent fugue
9.Type of song for voice and accompaniment, prominent in France from about 1580 through the seventeenth century.
14.Genre of dramatic music that originated in the seventeenth century, combining narrative, dialogue, and commentary through arias, recitatives, ensembles and choruses, and instrumental music, like an unstaged opera. Usually on a religious or biblical subject.
15.style between aria and recitative
16.style of singing which is generally unmeasured and presents much spoken-like text.
17.Literary text for an opera or other musical stage work.
18.Generic term used throughout the seventeenth century for an abstract ensemble piece, especially one that serves as an introduction to a vocal work.
19.Musical interlude on a pastoral, allegorical, or mythological subject performed before, between, or after the acts of a spoken comedy or tragedy.
1.From the late sixteenth century on, an instrumental piece that treats one or more subjects in imitation
2.A musical setting of one of the biblical accounts of Jesus' crucifixion, the most common type of historia
5.bass that repeats while the melody above it changes.
6.weeks until spring break
8.Style devised by Claudio Monteverdi to portray anger and warlike actions, characterized by rapid reiteration of a single note, whether on quickly spoken syllables or in a measured string tremolo. stile ________.
10.instrumental sectin in an opera that is repeated or returned to within a section or aria
11.Style used in music written after 1600, in imitation of the old contrapuntal style of Palestrina, used especially for church music.
12.usually referred to a set of stylized dance pieces.
13.good snack for study sessions
15.Lyrical, rhythmical monologue in an opera or other vocal work

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