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Pokemon Test


You think you are a real pokemon fan? Then test your "pokeknowledge" with this puzzle!

1 2 3
  4   5  
6               7        
    8               9
13                 14  
18     19          

6.The Kanto fire starter.
8.This pokemon belongs to Ash and he made a draw against May's Blaziken in a pokemon contest in Terracotta Town.
11.The only move Meowth learns and that no other pokemon can learn.
12.The only pokemon with no weaknesses and he was sealed in the fissure of an Odd Keystone.
13.Squirtle's first evolution.
15.He never opens his eyes and he is a gym leader in Kanto.
16.A dark type Legendary Pokemon defeated by Sceptile.
18.The only pokemon who can learn all HMs, TMs and tutor moves.
19.The Diamond Legendary Pokemon.
20.Ash has 30 of these pokemon.
21.The Legendary Pokemon Ash saw at the beginning of his journey.
1.Ash's only Shiny Pokemon.
2.His signature moves are V-create and Searing Shot.
3.Iris' first pokemon.
4.The Pearl Legendary Pokemon.
5.This is a legendary pokemon which is introduced in Gen. IV and he can have all types.
7.Iris' second pokemon.
9.Ash's starter pokemon.
10.Bulbasaur's last evolution.
14.He is a small tree, but he is rock type.
17.Ash traveled with this girl while he was in the Sinnoh Region.

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