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TECA 1303 Chapters 1-4

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1.comprises individuals who are approximately the same age and social status and who have common interests (2 Words)
5.represents a series of stressful experiences for the entire family that begins with martial conflict
7.a style of parent-centered parenting characterized by unquestioning obedience to authority
8.provides the rationale for father-mother involvement in child rearing (2 Words)
9.a style of democratic parenting in which authority is based on competence or expertise
10.social class, rank, or position determined by family lineage, gender, birth order, or skin color
11.the innate characteristics that determine an individual’s sensitivity to various experiences and responsiveness to patterns of social interaction
12.temporal changes in ecological systems producing new conditions that affect development
13.the ability to control one's impulses, behavior, and/or emotions until an appropriate time or place (2 Words)
16.the process by which individuals acquire the knowledge, skills, and character traits that enable them to participate as effective members of groups and society
18.the society and subculture to which the developing person belongs, with particular reference to the belief systems, lifestyles, patterns of social interaction, and life changes
20.social class, rank, or position determined by education, occupation, income, and/or place of residence
21.activities and relationships with significant others experienced by a developing person in a particular small setting such as family, school, peer group, or community
23.a form of imitative learning that occurs by observing another person (the model) perform a behavior and experience its consequence
25.attachement in which the infant activiely explores the environment in the mother's presence
26.a style of child-centered parenting characterized by a lack of directives or authority
2.a reward, or pleasant consequence, given for desired behavior (2 Words)
3.physically or psychologically painful stimuli or the temporary withdrawal of pleasant stimuli when undesirable behavior occurs
4.accommodation of parenting styles to children’s temperaments (3 Words)
6.socialization that is done on purpose
14.attachement in which the infant is very upset by the strange situation
15.attachment in which the infant shows little distress when the mother leaves and ignores her when she returns
17.attachment in which the infant stays close to the mother, doesn't explore, and becomes upset when she leaves
19.the systematic immediate reinforcement of successive approximations of the desired behavior until the desired behavior occurs and is maintained
21.linkages and interrelationships between two or more of a person’s microsystems (for example, home and school, school and community)
22.settings in which children do not actually participate, but which affect them in one of their microsystems (for example, parents’ jobs, the school board, the city council)
24.identified 8 stages of psychosocial development in a human's life

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