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1 2 3 4 5
7                                       8  
  10               11      
12   13            
17     18                             19      
              20 21
22 23                    

6.A supercontinent that began to break up 200 million years ago
7.Forms when material ejected high into the air falls back on the Earth
9.A bowl shaped depression
10.Process that forms all mountain ranges
14.Change in earth's magnetic field
17.A hypothesis which proposed that Earth's continents had once been joined
19.Pluton that forms when magma intrudes parallel to layers of rock
22.Deformation of materials in response to stress
24.Form when layer upon layer of basalitic lava accumulates
25.Occurs when stress is applied to quickly
1.Can form when the summit collapses into the magma chamber
2.Plates moving horizontally past each other
3.Two plates moving toward each other
4.Can detect small changes in magnetic fields
5.Weight of subducting plate helps pull the trailing lithosphere into subduction zone
8.Magma that forms this type of volcano contain large amounts of silica, water, and gases
11.Move in two directions as they pass through rock
12.Plate descending benath the other
13.Used to measure horizontal or vertical motion during an earthquake
15.When continents begin to separte the stretched crust forms a long narrow depression
16.Internal resistance to flow
18.Large ocean wave generated by vertical motions
19.Produced by a seismometer that can provide individual tracking of each seismic wave
20.Point on Earth's surface directly above the focus
21.Amount of energy released during an earthquake
23.Rock fragments thrown into the air during a volcanic eruption

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