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Solar System and Beyond It

Christine R. Sta.Maria

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1.the twin planet of the earth
3.ice of the comet and turn into gas
6.the most elegant planet in our solar system
8.meteoroid that enters the earth atmosphere, sometimes called falling or shooting stars
9.it absorbs most of the sunlight that strikes it and reflects only about 6% into space
10.it is a group of stars that form into different images
14.large collection of stars,dust and gas held together by their pull of gravity
2.it is known as the sideways planets
4.it travels around the sun in a variety of orbits and at various speeeds
5.has a head of burning gases, believed to be surrounding same loose rock fragments
7.its atmosphere is mainly made up of hydrogen,helium,methane ammona,and sulfur compounds
9.it is a bright band which looks like milky stars stretching accros the sky
11.large chunks of bare rocks that travel around the sun between the orbits of mars and jupiter.
12.the outermost planet
13.sun in space which produce their own light

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