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Cubscout Crossword Puzzle

Pack 278

1 2 3
  5 6
7     8         9  
  12   13        
15 16                        
18               19        

4.Duty to God and Country is part of the Cub Scout _____.
7.When we are happy and helpful, we give _____.
10.A 3rd grade Cub Scout is a _____.
13.Wear this on your left pocket to show your rank.
16.The highest award you can earn in Cub Scouts.
18.4th & 5th grade Cub Scouts are _____.
19._____ means a good leader.
20.The _____ comes in gold or silver.
1._____ rank comes after Bobcat.
2.Before you race this car, you must build it.
3.Every week we have a _____ meeting.
5.We place this for veterans on Mememorial day.
6.The __________ leads the pack.
8.Cub scout motto is _________.
9.Haunted weekend is at ____________.
11.Do your ______.
12.In outdoors, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but ___________.
14.The first rank you earn is _____.
15.The pack helps the Cub Scout ______.
17.We decorate our __________ for the 4th of July.

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