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How Much Do You Know About Civil Rigths?

Stephen Garcia

Using the Context Clues throughout the magazine, complete the crossword puzzle. There are no squares for spaces even though some hints may have more than one word. Ex; Hint- Man who gave a famous speech at the March on Washington (3 words) Answer- MartinLutherKing

1   2           3  
8     9   10   11  

1.Powerful woman involved with the NAACP and the Freedom Rides (2 words)
5.Prejudice against a person becuase of their physical apperance
7.A man who wrote the famous poem , "Yo Soy Joaquin" (2 words)
15.Movement whose symbol was the rainbow (3 words)
16.Movement led by the descendants of Latin American Migrants (3 words)
2.Movement led by immigrants from most of the eastern part of the world (3 words)
3.Activist in the Civil Rights Movement and important figure of the Black Panthers (2 words)
4.The most racist and segregated city in the U.S. during the Civil Rights Movement
6.The protests that led to the liberation of Gays (2 words)
7.Important Figure in the Asian-American Civil Rights Movement (2 words)
8.Government given and protected rights (2 words)
9.Chicano group inspired by the Black Panthers (2 words)
10.Motto of the Asian- American Civil Rigths Movement (2 words)
11.Motto of the Gay Liberation Movement (2 words)
12.The seperation of races
13.Important political figure invovled witht the Gay Liberation Movement (2 words)
14.Where the Gay Liberation Movement mostly took place (2words)

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