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Health Grade 6

Review Sheet

1 2
3       4               5
    7     8      
9     10      
14                     15   16        
17               18    
19     20        

3.where HIV attacks
6.this one can lead to A
7.there is one for Hep B
11.you can P yourself from HIV by using a condom
13.C are positive statements about somebody that you make to them
14.it's not good to surf for this
15.you cannot get HIV by ___ to an infected person
17.you can P yourself by having only one _______
18.he feels this because his dog died
19.you may feel this if you fancy someone
20.you may feel this if you win a race
21.alcohol and cigarettes are this
1.everybody makes them sometimes
2.just one way you can get it
4.you should not share _____
5.HB can make you feel ____
8.there is no _____ for H / A
9.putting oil into the river is this
10.something you can do as a family outside
12.he feels this because of his spots
16.HB infects?
18.something you can do with school friends
20.she likes the one called P

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