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Group A

Ashlee Pickle

Chapter 1 Terms

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2.The 3rd wave of Latin musical influence:
5.A Cuban ballroom dance:
6.Quality of Sound:
10.First Latin American style to have major international impact:
11.A repeated melody with fixed text between verses:
14.A memorable musical plug:
15.The origin of R&B is attributed to:
16.A repeated pattern designed to generate rhythmic momentum:
17.Textures in which many rhythms are going on at the same time:
18.Certain quality of sound in an artist:
19.A Ragtime piano man:
20.Blending of traditions from Africa and Europe:
1.The words of a song:
3.Type of song that including verses that tell a story:
4.Small independent labels working in marginal markets:
5.Mexican derived style of music "Marriage":
7.Brazilian dance style strongly rooted in African music:
8.Light, clear, flexible, and intimate style of singing:
9.West African term meaning "Praise Singer":
12.Channeled flow of rhythms:
13.Created by attaching a rattling device to an instrument:

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