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Translating Word Problems

Heather,Brandon,Sharell, and Marlene

A fun way to Translate word problems into equations

1 2            
3       4

1.Meg received 90 votes for Student Council President, which were 50 less than twice the amount that Tom received.(x represents toms votes)
3.Nan rode the roller coaster 8 times, which was twice as many times as she rode the Ferris wheel.(x represents ferris wheel rides)
7.Rob, who has all 13 girls’ phone numbers that are in his homeroom, has 3 more than half the number of girls’ phone numbers that Jay has.(x represents jays #s)
8.Janine, who bought $15 worth of make-up, spent $6 less than Leah spent.(x represents what leah spent)
2.Mike, who has 6 video games, has half as many games as Paul. (x represents pauls games)
4.Kate’s 85 on her English test was 37 points less than twice the grade on her Science test.(x represents her science grade)
5.The 1,840 rock concert tickets sold were twice the amount of jazz concert tickets sold.(x represents jazz tickets)
6.Ann has the 5 newest music CD’s which is 3 less than twice the amount that Bob has. (x represents bobs cds)

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