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Ceramic Vocabulary

Ms. Ortiz Vazquez

How well do you know your Ceramic terminology?

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1.refers to a slab of clay draped over a rounded/curved form—kitchen bowl or beach ball—made/use for the purpose of hump technique
5.(“scratched”) a ceramic decoration technique made by scratching off a surface layer to reveal a sub layer beneath
6.refers to a concave (dipped/curved in) form—inside of a kitchen bowl or plate—into which slabs of clay are shaped; slab is pressed into the form.
7.is the most important part of working with clay. It prepares the clay by forcing out air pockets and create a unify consistency.
8.a technique use to joint pieces together. A needle tool, fork or serrated object can be use to joint the surfaces together.
10.sheets or slices of clay that are flattened to the desired thickness, often with a rolling pin; they then can be wrapped, folded, or cut and joined together.
2.a term used to describe the quality of clay that allows it to be easily manipulated
3.a hand-building technique that employs rolling out ropes (coils) of clay
4.a “paste” like liquid prepare by diluting clay with water. It is use to joint pieces of clay together.
9.a fine-grained material that occurs naturally in soil and sedimentary rock. Use in making bricks, ceramics, and cement.

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