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Physical Education Crossword


3                   4
5             6          
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3.a term used to designate a defensive player’s position under the backboard which prevents an offensive player from achieving a good rebounding position
5.a term usually applied when the ball bounces off the backboard or basket.
6.an attempt to protect a teammate’s play by shutting off an opponent’s approach without personal contact.
7.the 18-inch ring with a suspended cord net through which players attempt to throw the ball
8.often the tallest man or women on the team; usually located on offense between the foul line and the basket; has rebounding responsibility along with the corner players
10.a term used to designate a direct pass from a rebounder to a teammate, with the main objective being the start of a fast break
13.any infraction of the rules for which the penalty is one or more free throws.
17.ball movement by a player in control who throws or taps the ball onto the floor and then touches it; the dribble ends when the dribbler touches the ball with both hands simultaneously, permits it to come to rest while in contact with it; or loses control.
19.a defense designated to break up the offense through constant guarding over the whole floor and forcing the offensive team to move the ball.
20.a personal foul that is neither flagrant, nor committed against a player trying for a field goal, nor part of a double or multiple foul
21.a technique of moving the ball down the floor quickly after gaining the ball in the opponents’’ half of the court
23.takes place when a player who is holding the ball steps once or more than once in any direction with the same foot, the other foot, called the pivot foot, being kept at its point of contact with the floor.
24.the best ball handlers and outside shooters—these players have good dribbling and passing skills.
25.personal contact against the body of an opponent by a player with the ball
1.a shot taken at the basket from a “set” or stationary position usually 20 feet or more from the basket.
2.when two opponents commit personal fouls against each other at approximately the same time
4.players who are basically responsible for the rebounding phase of a team’s operation---on offense, they are usually located at the sides of the court between the foul line and the base line.
9.the quality of powerful and concerted effort.
11.a player foul which involves contact with an opponent while the ball is alive, or after the ball is in possession of a player for a throw-in.
12.a method of putting the ball into play by tossing it up between two opponents in one of the three circles.
14.movement of the ball caused by a player in control throwing, batting or rolling the ball to another player.
15.a maneuver in which the offensive player makes a short pass to a teammate, and then goes in toward the basket for a return pass.
16.the privilege given to a player to score one point by an unhindered throw for a goal from within the free throw circle and behind the free throw line.
18.personal contact by a player that impeded the progress of an opponent who does not have a ball.
22.an offensive maneuver whereby a player runs in the opposite direction anticipated by the defensive player (usually behind the defensive player) and receives a pass for a field goal attempt.

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