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Sources and Effects of Stress

Practical Psychology

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1.these changes occur during fight-or-flight situations; causes wear and tear and eventual illness
4.threats (real or imagined) that threaten our well-being
7.ulcers, high blood pressure, and asthma are examples of ___ illnesses
9.pioneer in stress research
10.ability to bounce back from stressful periods
12.good stress
14.this type of control is most effective in dealing with external stressors
18.expectations and demands, part of "hurry sickness"
19.a type of conflict where a single choice has mixed outcomes, both positive and negative (2 Words)
20.characterized by an appetite for challenge, commitment, clearly defined self, and sense of being in control of one's own life
21.two or more incompatible motivations or behavioral impulses
22.this type of culture emphasizes cooperation and community; supportive relationships are the norm
2.thiis is both a book title and the name of a mutual-help program (2 Words)
3.__ people who experience trauma do not develop PTSD
5.typical symptoms of PTSD include reexperiencing the trauma, avoidance, numbing and ___
6.use of these may result in self-deception about being in control
8.too much use of ___ mechanisms can create anxiety
11.can exacerbate stress; involves readjustment in living circumstances
13.event(s) that leads to strain, which often results in physical and psychological health problems
14.this type of culture, like our own, emphasizes competition
15.pollutants, war, and racism are examples of this source of stress
16.results from blocked attainment of needs and goals
17.physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual exhaustion

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