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Constructive Responses to Stress

Practical Psychology

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4.Be __ in deciding what you can accomplish in a given period of time.
5.a word or phrase repeated as a way to focus attention in meditation
8.these thoughts are similar to parental injunctions
9.constructive ___ strategies are behavioral reactions judged to be relatively healthy
10.a process of directing our attention to a single, unchanging or repetitive stimulus
11.deep ___ is an effective method for deep relaxation
15."bringing the mind home" through meditation
16.progressive muscular relaxation involves learning to tense and ___ each muscle group
1.in the long run, this can lead to disappointment, feelings of failure, anxiety, and increased stress
2.Common sense may tell us what to do about stress but actually doing it is more ____
3.this originated in India and means "union" in Sanskrit
6.humor can be a transformative agent of ___ and put stressful situations into a new perspective
7.__ beliefs are often based on shoulds, oughts and musts (external expectations)
12.this is a way of to maintain well-being, meeting our need for touch, and discovering where and how we hold tension in the body
13.how you spend your time is a good indication of what you _____
14.people who take themselves too seriously may need a sense of ____ to deal with stress

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