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Government Vocabulary

BC Culture

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2.The specific geographic area in Canada that a Member of Parliament represents in the House of Commons. (Synonym: riding or electoral district)
4.Someone elected to a seat in the House of Commons who represent one of the ridings into which Canada is divided
7.All political parties and independent Members who do not belong to the governing party
10.The government’s plan for how it will collect and spend money each year
11.The political party who want to make Quebec a separate country (2 words)
15.One of three parts of Parliament (3 words)
18.The government of Canada that acts and speaks for the whole country.
20.Group of people who share ideas about how to run the country (2 words)
23.The head of Canada (2 words)
25.A list of things that a political party wants for the country.
27.A temporary position
28.A leader who enforces what they want without talking to the people of the country
29.Another name for the New Democrat Party
30.The process in which Canada chooses its leader
1.A person appointed by our Monarch, on the advice of the Prime Minister, to be the Monarch’s representative in Canada. (2 words)
3.A rule for all Canadians made by Senators, Members of Parliament and the Governor General through discussion and voting
5.The set of rules that a country like Canada follows to work as a nation.
6.The legal age which a citizen may vote
8.Bills that are passed by Parliament
9.The royal family at the top of Canadian government
12.What the Green party is fighting for
13.The current Prime Minister
14.The political party that forms the Government because more of its members were elected to the House of Commons than from any other party.
16.A person appointed to the Upper House of Parliament by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister.
17.A person who speaks for you
19.This can be found in all capitals in Canada
21.A political party that supports businesses
22.The Liberals are an example of this
23.Each of Canada’s 10 provinces a has a legislature that makes laws for the people living in that province
24.A person who has full political and civil rights in his or her country
26.A proposal for a law to be considered by Parliament

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