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Nel Mezzo Del Cammin Di Nostra Vita


Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person I've ever had the pleasure to re-meet. I love you very, very much!

1 2 3     4         5
6         7    
9               10  
15         16   17 18     19
    20                       21  
  23     24        
25   26                    
    29         30          
          31           32  
33   34                  
    35         36          
37             38 39           40
41           42 43            
44         45  

3.Our finest dessert concoction.
6.Our oriental destination.
8.An oceanside reading distraction.
9.Manage of interest and division.
12.The site of our notable reunion.
13.Your new culinary addiction.
15.Destination of our first doughy adventure.
20.The first movie we saw together in a theater.
22.Dead language of interest.
24.World Wide item (not) worth the wait.
26.Nightly joint wordsmithing tasks.
27.Oregonian sing-a-long maestros.
28.Henry with an un-airconditioned library.
29.Daily (or nightly) habit.
31.What we're starting.
33.You HAVE to buy this stock, now!
34.Instrument I will (someday) teach you to play.
35.Big T meeting ground.
36.Destination of our first joint plane ride.
37.Site of our very first date.
39.One square block of books.
41.Your nickname.
43.Trinidadian ______ Shake.
44.What you and Bret shared.
46.Footwear we will never agree on.
1.My culinary addiction.
2.Nickname I'm not allowed to use.
4.The strangest place we've ever done the dirty.
5.The only lady you should be jealous of.
7.Mom of mine you met first.
10.The type of bear I am.
11.Our guide to through the Essence of China.
13.Your biggest junior varsity fan.
14.Your third nipple, sometimes.
16.Cinnamon whiskey maker.
17.Indelible desire.
18.The "land" of plenty (of mmm's).
19.Necessary for a happy Ashley.
21.Walgreen's pleasant store-brand.
25.Papa _____ (of no relation).
27.Your culinary addiction.
28.Asian Kitchen namesake.
30.Orange County nighttime activity.
32.Your speedy quirk.
34.Point of contention.
38.Who Hayden thinks you are.
40.Items upon which we agree to disagree.
42.Nostril irritant.
45.Necessary for a happy Ashley (no relation).

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